Who is the Care Inquiry aiming to help?

In response to questions asked via social media regarding who the Care Inquiry is aimed at helping, Robert Tapsfield, chairman of the Care Inquiry steering group, said:

“The Care Inquiry is committed to developing recommendations on how to best provide stable and permanent homes for children currently in the care system, and to ensure the development of a system that works for children who will, in the future, enter care.

“We know that all children benefit from long term relationships with carers who love them, can meet their needs and help them achieve their potential.  For many this means returning to live with their parents or moving to live with another family member. For some it will mean growing up with their foster carers, for a few it will mean adoption and for some older children residential care might give them what they need.

“We need a much more nuanced understanding of what the evidence tells us works and a greater emphasis on making the right decisions for each child.

“The eight charities running the Inquiry hold different perspectives, but are all committed on the importance of understanding the evidence. The Care Inquiry is bringing together their knowledge and expertise, together with academics, others involved in and living within care, and organisations involved in providing services to help develop a set of recommendations which will influence the provision of services in the future.”


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