Parliamentary briefing and Guardian Q&A

The Care Inquiry has this week (Wednesday 12 December) attended the House of Lords to make presentations of academic evidence and to share the lived experiences of young people and foster carers with a group of MPs and Lords. Advertisements

The Care Inquiry addresses parliamentarians

The focus should be on finding security and stability for children who can’t live with their birth parents (temporarily or permanently), rather than on legal status, a group of MPs and peers will be told today (Wednesday 12 December).

The view from the chair, session two

Robert Tapsfield, chair of the Care Inquiry steering group said: “I am chairing today’s session of the Care Inquiry where we are listening to lived experience of care. This is the second of three sessions held with representatives from across the care system and those who have lived and worked with children at different stages […]

Session 2a – Listening to young people with experience of care

Support when leaving care and a desire to be treated as an individual were two of the key themes identified by young people at a special session of the Care Inquiry on Saturday 1 December. The young people, who came from across the UK and had experience of foster care, residential care, adoption and kinship […]

How the Care Inquiry is involving young people and those with experience of care

The Care Inquiry has been set up to focus on developing recommendations for proving stable and permanent homes for children currently in the care system, and to ensure the system works for children who will need it in the future.

The Care Inquiry charities five priorities for action

The eight Care Inquiry charities have highlighted their five priorities for action – what needs to change so that the most vulnerable children have the opportunity to experience permanence and a sense of belonging and identity.