The Care Inquiry draws to close with final session

The third and final session of the Care Inquiry will take place in London on Tuesday 8 January. This session follows two previous evidence sessions in November and December, a Parliamentary briefing and a consultation with young people with experience of care in December.

The findings of evidence sessions one and two will be discussed, as well as the gathered experiences of young people and evidence submitted to the Care Inquiry.

Some of the key issues highlighted in sessions one and two included giving children choice; the quality of practice; the significance of relationships and stability; the relationship to the birth family and the need for support as young people reach adulthood.

Robert Tapsfield, chair of the Care Inquiry steering group, said: “We have heard from leading academics, social care practitioners and vitally, those with experience of the care system including birth families, adoptive parents, foster carers, kinship carers and young people who have experienced care.

“We have heard where the care system is failing, but as importantly, we have heard where it is working and has changed lives exponentially. This third session of the Care Inquiry will consider how best to improve the current system to ensure that care works for more children, more of the time, so that we make recommendations that will be beneficial to all children and young people who are unable, temporarily or permanently, to live with their parents.”

The final report of the Care Inquiry, and its recommendations, will be published in spring 2013.

You can find out more about the Care Inquiry by visiting the Care Inquiry Pinterest page.


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