How the Care Inquiry is involving young people and those with experience of care

The Care Inquiry has been set up to focus on developing recommendations for proving stable and permanent homes for children currently in the care system, and to ensure the system works for children who will need it in the future.

Throughout the process the Care Inquiry will be ensuring the views of children and young people with experience of care will be central to deliberations.

The Care Inquiry’s aims can only be achieved by hearing from those with experience of care, through written and oral evidence.

The Who Cares? Trust, one of the eight Care Inquiry charities, is bringing together groups of young people in preparatory sessions to discuss the issues, and the Care Inquiry is listening to their evidence, in person, at session two.  This will involve a number of young people who will be able to speak of their current, or recent, experiences of residential care, foster care, kinship care and adoption.

With their consent, The Who Cares? Trust is also filming highlights of the young people’s evidence to share at the opening of the third session of the inquiry, as well as inviting some of them to present the evidence from session two.  This will directly connect the evidence of young people with delegates at that session. 

Each session of the Inquiry has representatives attending from care leavers groups and people with experience of care.

In addition, the charity will be running an online survey for all children and young people from care, and feeding those views directly into the inquiry.

We are encouraging people to submit written evidence about their own experiences of the care system to the Care Inquiry. Find out how here.


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