Session chair announced as the Care Inquiry begins

DORIT BRAUN has been announced as the chair of the Care Inquiry sessions, with the first formal session taking place on Wednesday 14 November.

Making Sense of the Evidence will explore recent trends in the law and practice for children in care in England. The aim is to set the context for the Inquiry, through discussing a ‘state of the nation’ overview that considers current trends in state intervention and in the care population and how these have changed over time. The Inquiry will also examine the evidence about different routes to finding stable and secure homes for children.

Dorit, who is currently interim chief executive of The College of Social Work, said: “I am delighted to have been asked to chair the sessions of the Care Inquiry. It represents a very important opportunity to consider what the evidence tells us about how to secure the best possible outcomes for children and young people in the public care system.”

Robert Tapsfield, chief executive of the Fostering Network and chair of the Care Inquiry, said: “We are delighted that Dorit has agreed to chair the Inquiry sessions – she brings a wealth of experience and is herself passionate about how best to provide better futures for looked-after children.

“This first session gives us the chance to explore what has been happening in the care system over the past 20 years, what has worked, what hasn’t, and what lessons we can learn for the future.”  

Making sense of the evidence – changing trends in state intervention and in the care population, and their impact on permanence takes place in London on Wednesday 14 November. Attendance is by invitation only. To submit evidence or experiences to the Inquiry, see or email


For media enquiries contact or call 020 7620 6425.

For more information visit Follow the Inquiry’s progress on Twitter @thecareinquiry.

Notes to editors

1. The Care Inquiry is a collaboration of eight charities (Adoption UK, British Association of Adoption & Fostering (BAAF), Family Rights Group, the Fostering Network, Research in Practice, TACT, The Together Trust and The Who Cares? Trust), and is partly funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

2. The aim of the Care Inquiry is to collect and explore the evidence on what actually works for children, in order to make recommendations to central and local government about how to succeed in helping them achieve long-term stability and security.

3. Dorit Braun is currently interim chief executive of The College of Social Work, and has been involved in the setting up of The College since its inception as a recommendation of the Social Work Task Force. She is also chair of the charity Working with Men. 

Dorit was formerly chief executive of the National Stepfamily Association, which was one of three national charities to form Parentline Plus, and then Parentline Plus (now known as Family Lives), as well as being non-executive director of the Children’s Workforce Development Council. 

4. The ‘state of the nation’ overview will be presented by Dr Janet Boddy from the University of Sussex and policy director of Cafcass Bruce Clark. They have developed this paper in close collaboration with Ian Sinclair (University of York), June Statham (Thomas Coram Research Unit), June Thoburn (University of East Anglia), and Caroline Thomas (University of Stirling).

5. A second formal session Lived experience – what we can learn from young people, birth and adoptive parents, carers and residential staff will take place in December, followed by session three Building futures– exploring what the evidence suggests should be the future priorities for change in January. The final report of the Care Inquiry is due out by spring 2013.




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