Research in Practice – Twinterview transcript

As part of the Care Inquiry we are holding a series of Twinterviews with the charities involved.‏

This Twinterview took place on 10 October at 8pm between @TheCareInquiry and @ResearchIP

@TheCareInquiry – Good evening @researchIP Are you ready to start discussing the #CareInquiry ?

‏@researchIP – Good evening #CareInquiry We are ready…

@TheCareInquiry – Who are @researchIP ? #CareInquiry

@researchIP – We support the use of evidence-informed practice in children’s services. Vol sector and loc authorities mainly. #CareInquiry

@researchIP  – Our work’s about bridging the gap b/w research & practice.We’re involved to improve the lives of children, yp and families. #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Why are @researchIP involved in the #CareInquiry ?

@researchIP – Permanence is a key issue for our network of Partners. #CareInquiry is an opportunity to influence policy in this area.

@researchIP – The inquiry is evidence focused. This is essential to our involvement – we deal in ‘what works’ for children.#CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – What is evidence-informed practice? #CareInquiry

@researchIP – It is about making decisions based on research, service-users experiences & practice / tacit knowledge. #CareInquiry

@researchIP – It’s grounded in reality of practice & about sector taking responsibility for the knowledge base. #CareInquiry

@researchIP – EIP is about blending research with children’s experiences and on-the-job knowledge to make the best decisions. #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Why is evidence-informed practice important? #CareInquiry

@researchIP – It’s vital! Moral argument: We need to do everything poss to make good decisions about lives of children & YP. #CareInquiry

@researchIP – Financial argument:Effective use of resources is supported by using evidence.Can only afford to do what works. #CareInquiry

@researchIP – Thirdly, the rigour of evidence-informed practice is good professional practice for individuals and orgs.#CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – How can evidence-informed practice help to influence policy? #CareInquiry

‏@researchIP – 1/2 By demonstrating what works and how good practice can be disseminated, effectively, to inform policy. #CareInquiry

@researchIP – 2/2 Is good timing as the government is increasingly calling for more evidence in decision making in sector. #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Can you tell us a bit more about how evidence-informed practice can help the care system? #CareInquiry

@researchIP – 1/3 Evidence-informed practice provides essential knowledge to the sector re what’s effective for c&yp in care.#CareInquiry

@researchIP – 2/3 It can empower professionals and families to know what they can expect and demand within the care process. #CareInquiry

@researchIP – 3/3 It can help policy-makers to create policy framework that reflects research and reality of care system #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Isn’t evidence informed practice just more red tape for local authorities to wade through? #CareInquiry

@researchIP – 1/3 Not at all. It is very practical and supports decision-making at individual case level and strategically. #CareInquiry

@researchIP – 2/3 It provides a better understanding of child’s journey through the system, so helps LAs do their jobs well. #CareInquiry

@researchIP – 3/3 Also, EIP enables/calls for policy frameworks that reflect ‘what works’ so can actually reduce red tape. #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – What do you hope will come from the #CareInquiry ?

@researchIP – 1/2 A shared vision of how the care system could work better for c&yp & families, based on evidence . #CareInquiry

@researchIP – 2/2 Also,a sector, inc pol-makers, engaged in the discourse with those who have lived experience of the system. #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Thank you so much for your time tonight @researchIP Have you got any final comments to add? #CareInquiry

@researchIP – Looking fwd to working with pol-makers & practitioners who are open to change! Exciting & important project. #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Thank you so much for your time @researchIP. We’re excited to do our last Twinterview tomorrow night at 8pm with @TACTCare #CareInquiry

@researchIP – Thankyou! Looking fwd to @TACTCare interview tomorrow. #CareInquiry


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