The Who Cares? Trust – Twinterview transcript

As part of the Care Inquiry we are holding a series of Twinterviews with the charities involved.‏

This Twinterview took place on 9 October at 8pm between @TheCareInquiry and @WhoCaresTrust

@TheCareInquiry – Good evening @WhoCaresTrust are you ready to talk #CareInquiry ?

@WhoCaresTrust – @TheCareInquiry Yes, looking forward to it!

@TheCareInquiry – So why have you got involved with the #CareInquiry ?

@WhoCaresTrust – Giving yp in + from care a voice is central to our work; we want to help make sure this happens in the inquiry #CareInquiry

‏@TheCareInquiry – What do you at WC?T bring to the #CareInquiry ?

‏@WhoCaresTrust – 1/2 #CareInquiry Well, our brilliant CEO Natasha is on the steering group! But seriously, we have 20 years’ expertise…

@WhoCaresTrust – 2/2 in listening to and campaigning with yp in care. We publish Who Cares? + work with around 1000 yp a year. #CareInquiry

‏@TheCareInquiry – very modest there! Can you tell us more about your work with childre&YP from care? #CareInquiry

‏@WhoCaresTrust – 1/3 #CareInquiry We run skills workshops for yp in care around the country; we also train yp to train professionals…

‏@WhoCaresTrust – 2/3 #CareInquiry …about the care system. We also run projects that pilot new ways of working + disseminate what we learn.

‏@WhoCaresTrust – 3/3 #CareInquiry But we are still best known for publishing Who Cares? magazine which LAs subscribe to for their yp in care.

‏@TheCareInquiry – Do you think that children&YP in care should have more say in what happens to them? #CareInquiry

‏@WhoCaresTrust – 1/3 Yes! Yp in care are still too often done unto. Too often adults assume they know what is best for them. #CareInquiry

@WhoCaresTrust – 2/3 #CareInquiry Yp tell us that they do not feel properly involved in fundamental decisions about their lives, like where..

@WhoCaresTrust – 3/3 #CareInquiry …they will live, what education choices they make, what contact they have… life-shaping decisions.

‏@TheCareInquiry – So the WC?T are bringing young peoples experience to the #CareInquiry ?

‏@WhoCaresTrust – Yes, we’re running sessions with yp to gather views on what helps to create belonging and positive identity. #CareInquiry

‏@TheCareInquiry – Why is finding stability&permancence so important to children and young people from care? #CareInquiry

‏@WhoCaresTrust – 1/2 For the same reasons it is important to all of us! It affirms us + builds emotional security + resilience. #CareInquiry

@WhoCaresTrust – 2/2 But if u hv already felt the trauma of loss or rejection, all the more important to be able to feel safe. #CareInquiry

‏@TheCareInquiry – there’s different types of care,fostering adoption,residential,kinship.which is best for creating stability for children? #CareInquiry

‏@WhoCaresTrust – No one form of care is best, one size doesn’t fit all! Need to assess which form of care right for each child. #CareInquiry

‏@TheCareInquiry – What do WC?T hope the #CareInquiry will achieve?

‏@WhoCaresTrust – 1/3 #CareInquiry We want to see the most relevant experts in the country – yp, practitioners, academics – put their heads…

‏@WhoCaresTrust – 2/3 #CareInquiry …together 2 agree what works best 2 achieve loving, settled homes for yp who can’t live wth birth parents

@WhoCaresTrust – 3/3 #CareInquiry …and we want everyone to understand that for children’s best interests there can be no hierarchy of care.

@TheCareInquiry – So as we end this evening, do WC?T have any final thoughts on the #CareInquiry ?

‏@WhoCaresTrust – #CareInquiry This is an important opportunity to shape the future of the English care system. We have 2 make the most of it!

@TheCareInquiry – Thank you @WhoCaresTrust. Strong words and stimulating debate tonight. Please join @researchIP tomorrow night at 8pm to talk #CareInquiry

@WhoCaresTrust – @TheCareInquiry Thank you, we are passionate about improving life outcomes of yp in care; appreciate this chance to speak out #CareInquiry


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