Together Trust – Twinterview transcript

As part of the Care Inquiry we are holding a series of Twinterviews with the charities involved.‏

This Twinterview took place on 8 October at 8pm between @TheCareInquiry and @TogetherTrust.

@TheCareInquiry – Good evening @TogetherTrust are you ready to talk about the #CareInquiry ?

@TogetherTrust – Good evening, we are ready! #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – So what knowledge does Together Trust bring to the #CareInquiry ?

@TogetherTrust – We’ve been providing care for young people for over 140 years. Currently we care for over 100 young people #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Where do you think the care system is currently falling down? #CareInquiry

@TogetherTrust – Placement decisions can be based on cost rather than appropriateness. They can breakdown with disastrous effects #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – …and where do you believe the system is working well? #CareInquiry

@TogetherTrust – Where the right long term support is offered, the lives of very vulnerable young people are greatly improved #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Is the #CareInquiry just about children who are already in the care system?

@TogetherTrust – It is – and it’s also about the need to give support to families so that young people are not taken into care #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Are young people adequately considered when making decisions about their futures? #CareInquiry

@TogetherTrust – They should be but they rarely are. #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – What does Together Trust hope that the #CareInquiry will achieve?

@TogetherTrust – That the appropriateness and quality of care for children and young people must come before everything else #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Thank you very much for your time @TogetherTrust do you have any final comments to add to the #CareInquiry debate?

@TogetherTrust – We hope the inquiry will inform our practice so that those we care for have better lives and better outcomes #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Thank you again for your time @TogetherTrust and we look forward to talking to @WhoCaresTrust tomorrow night at 8pm. #CareInquiry


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