The Fostering Network – Twinterview transcript

As part of the Care Inquiry we are holding a series of Twinterviews with the charities involved.‏

This Twinterview took place on 3 October at 8pm between @TheCareInquiry and @Fosteringnet.

@TheCareInquiry – Good evening @fosteringnet. We’re here tonight to talk about the #CareInquiry

@Fosteringnet – Good evening @TheCareInquiry lets get started #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – So what was the thinking behind the #CareInquiry?

@Fosteringnet – (1/2) Too often parts of the care system – fostering, adoption, children’s homes etc – are viewed in isolation. #careinquiry

@Fosteringnet  – (2/2) We want to bring experts together from across the spectrum of care and formalise discussions via the #careinquiry

@TheCareInquiry – What will the Fostering Network bring to the #CareInquiry?

@Fosteringnet – Through our foster carer and fostering service members, we know what works in foster care and what needs to change. #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Where is the care system currently falling down? #CareInquiry

@Fosteringnet – (1/2) Too many children drift through the system, moving too often and not being found a family that is right for them. #careinquiry

@Fosteringnet  – (2/2) We must also make it possible for children to remain in foster care after they are 17 #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Why should fostered young people be able to stay post 17 in foster care? #CareInquiry

@Fosteringnet#CareInquiry the average leaving home age is 24. Why shouldn’t young people in care have the same start to adult life?

@TheCareInquiry – Why does the system not work for some children? #CareInquiry

@Fosteringnet – Bottom line is not enough of the right foster carers and adopters, but more support needed too. #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Where is the care system working well? #CareInquiry

@Fosteringnet – When the right home is found for children first time, and those looking after them are properly supported to make it work. #careinquiry

@TheCareInquiry – What would you like to see change? #CareInquiry

@Fosteringnet – Less focus on legal status, more on finding the right family for every child and providing them with the support needed. #careinquiry

@TheCareInquiry – But doesn’t the legal status provide security? #CareInquiry

@Fosteringnet – (1/2) It’s proper support for foster carers and adopters that builds real security for families. #careinquiry

@Fosteringnet – (2/2) What is important is finding the right family for a child for as long as they need it, not what they are called. #careinquiry

@Fosteringnet – The #careinquiry is all about removing artificial barriers and looking at what works for children who can’t live with their birth parents.

@TheCareInquiry – So are the views of young people properly considered when making decisions on their futures? #CareInquiry

@Fosteringnet – Not always, but they should be. The #careinquiry is seeking out the views of those with experience of all forms of care.

@TheCareInquiry – And as our 30 minutes draws to a close, what do you hope the #CareInquiry will achieve?

@Fosteringnet – Recommendations to Government on the best way forward for finding and supporting permanent homes for children in care. #careinquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Do you have any final points tonight @fosteringnet? #CareInquiry

@Fosteringnet – The #careinquiry is the first time charities from across the care spectrum have worked together in this way – a real opportunity for change.

@TheCareInquiry – Thank you so much for your time @Fosteringnet. Tomorrow at 8pm we’re joined by @AdoptionUK which is discussing the #CareInquiry



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