Adoption UK – Twinterview transcript

As part of the Care Inquiry we are holding a series of Twinterviews with the charities involved.‏

This Twinterview took place on 4 October at 8pm between @TheCareInquiry and @AdoptionUK.

@TheCareInquiry – Good evening @AdoptionUK are you ready to talk about the #CareInquiry ?

@AdoptionUK – Good evening. Absolutely! #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – So lets begin then, why has your organisation got involved with the #CareInquiry ?

@AdoptionUK – We hope by bringing together these orgs, we can support a system that best serves children in, and on edge of, care system

@TheCareInquiry – What knowledge and expertise do @AdoptionUK bring to the #CareInquiry ?

@AdoptionUK – As an adopter-led org, AUK has first-hand, personal experience of the key issues in adoption with… #CareInquiry

@AdoptionUK – 40 years exp. of supporting adoptive families through our Helpline, Family Support, Training and Support Grps #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Where do you think the care system is currently falling down? #CareInquiry

@AdoptionUK – More adopters are needed. Adoptive families should have a guaranteed right to adoption support services that…#CareInquiry

@AdoptionUK – are informed and consistent. Profs need appropriate training in childhood development and trauma #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Where is the care system working well? #CareInquiry

@AdoptionUK – There is good practice taking place across the varying sectors of the care system in England #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Why are some children adopted and some fostered? #CareInquiry

@AdoptionUK – Determined on an individual basis. Adopted children are unable to live safely with their birth parents/family #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Would the adoption system benefit from more post-adoption support, like the support foster carers are supposed to receive? #CareInquiry

@AdoptionUK – This is massively important. When supported, adoption offers positive outcomes for children from care system #CareInquiry

@AdoptionUK – Adoptive families are poorly served by current support framework.more needs to be done to make support a reality #CareInquiry

@AdoptionUK – Need for adoption support services has been acknowledged but families still contact AUK desperate for support.. #CareInquiry

@AdoptionUK – More needs to be done. #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Why is post-adoption support so vital? #CareInquiry

@AdoptionUK – Children who are adopted will have experienced some loss or trauma by being separated from their birth parents #CareInquiry

@AdoptionUK – Trauma can lead to emotional, behavioural, education or developmental issues as well as attachment difficulties #CareInquiry

@AdoptionUK – Adoptive parents have to become “therapeutic” parents. They should be supported in this role. #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – What does @AdoptionUK hope that the #CareInquiry will achieve?

@AdoptionUK – Informed debate, collection of evidence on best ways to provide stable homes for most vulnerable children #CareInquiry

@AdoptionUK – Well thought out recommendations that Govt can use to inform policy #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Thank you for your time tonight @AdoptionUK do you have any final thoughts for this evening? #CareInquiry

@AdoptionUK – Childhood trauma massively affects healthy development. Without addressing this, we fail children and society #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Thank you again for your time @AdoptionUK #CareInquiry the full transcript will be available on our pinterest page shortly

@AdoptionUK – Thank you! #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – That’s all for this week.Next week we question @WhoCaresTrust @TogetherTrust @researchIP and @TACTCare Join us from 8pm Monday #CareInquiry


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