BAAF – Twinterview transcript

As part of the Care Inquiry we are holding a series of Twinterviews with the charities involved.‏

This Twinterview took place on 1 October at 8pm between @TheCareInquiry and @BAAFAdoption.

@TheCareInquiry  – Welcome to the first Twinterview of the #careinquiry charities. Joining is tonight is @BAAFAdoption Welcome

@BAAFAdoption – @TheCareInquiry *waves* #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – So BAAF why have you got involved with the #CareInquiry?

@BAAFAdoption – It’s great opp. to debate how to achieve stability & permanence for children in care & to influence +ve change #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – And what knowledge can BAAF bring to the #CareInquiry

@BAAFAdoption  – (1/2) BAAF has extensive practice knowledge of adoption and fostering through… #CareInquiry

@BAAFAdoption – (2/2) …our staff and through our advice lines, training and consultancy #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – You talk about adoption/fostering but where do BAAF think the care system is currently falling down? #CareInquiry

@BAAFAdoption – (1/2) We need more foster carers and adoptive families and more consistent support for them and… #CareInquiry

@BAAFAdoption – (2/2) … a greater focus on quality of care provided #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – and where would you say the care system is working well BAAF? #CareInquiry

@BAAFAdoption – (1/2) Across England in every council and provider there are examples of good practice… #CareInquiry

@BAAFAdoption – (2/2) …We must recognise and build on what is good #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Should more be done to keep children with their families in the first place? #CareInquiry

@BAAFAdoption – (1/2) Each case turns on its own facts. But all local authorities need to prepare for… #CareInquiry

@BAAFAdoption  – (2/2) …the full range of local needs from family support to foster care or adoption #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Is the #CareInquiry only about children already in the care system or does it have a wider role to play?

@BAAFAdoption – It’s about children in care and on the edge of care #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – What is meant by the edge of care? #CareInquiry

@BAAFAdoption – Children who are at risk of coming into care #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Why are some children who come into care fostered&some adopted? #CareInquiry

@BAAFAdoption – (1/2) Because some children cannot live safely with their birth parents/families… #CareInquiry

@BAAFAdoption  – (2/2) …either in the short or medium term or at all. Each child will have different needs #CareInquiry

‏‏@TheCareInquiry – Are young people in care adequately considered/consulted when making decisions about their futures? #CareInquiry

@BAAFAdoption – We know that this does not always happen. It should be standard practice in working with any child in care #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – And our half hour is almost up but, what do you BAAF hope the #CareInquiry will achieve?

@BAAFAdoption – (1/2) High quality debate and consensus about key messages to feed in to ongoing policy development… #CareInquiry

@BAAFAdoption – (2/2) …for children in care and on the edge of care #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Do BAAF have any final comments on the #CareInquiry before we close for this evening?

@BAAFAdoption – As a final point on #CareInquiry, we need more focus on and investment in adoption support.

@BAAFAdoption  -Support needs to be available in the right form at the right time to meet assessed needs #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – Thank you so much to BAAF for joining us for the first #CareInquiry Twinterview. Tomorrow we are joined by the Family Rights Group 8pm

@TheCareInquiry – Thanks for joining us and @TheCareInquiry tonight! #CareInquiry

@TheCareInquiry – @BAAFAdoption Thank you very much for your time. We look forward to tomorrow at the @FamilyRightsGp #CareInquiry


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