Adoption UK and their involvement in the Care Inquiry

Adoption UK explain their involvement in the Care Inquiry.

Adoption UK has been helping to make adoptions work, promoting loving and supportive relationships between children and their adoptive families for more than 40 years.

We provide independent support, information and advice on good practice to all concerned with adoption. In particular, we offer a wealth of relevant experience from generations of adoptive families to prospective and established adopters and to all those who work with them.

Although, our focus is adoption we believe that wherever possible, it is preferable for children to be brought up within their own birth family. However, where this is not possible, for whatever reason, adoption offers many of those children the opportunity of a secure, permanent and loving family.

We are involved in The Care Inquiry because we believe in positive, stable outcomes for children. We believe in supporting decisions that are in the best interests of the child and wherever possible and practicable, taking into account the views, feelings and wishes of the child.

This Inquiry provides an opportunity for us to look at our care system and how it meets the needs of those vulnerable children who cannot live with their birth parents.

The options for permanency will be different for each child and it is important our care system recognises that all options have the potential to meet a child’s needs and provide them with a stable and secure environment during childhood and beyond.

It is for this reason Adoption UK supports The Care Inquiry. We hope that by bringing together the knowledge and expertise of these organisations, we can support a care system that can best provides stable and loving homes for our nation’s children.


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