Together Trust and its involvement in the Care Inquiry

Together Trust explain why it is involved in the Care Inquiry.

Together Trust throughout its long history has been passionate about ensuring that some of the most vulnerable young people in society have the very best care and support.

As an organisation that currently supports over a hundred children and young people in care, we know that their outcomes and their futures depend hugely on the accuracy in the assessment of their needs, and the appropriateness and stability of their care placement.

Sadly, as local authority budgets shrink( at the same time as  the number of young people coming into care rises exponentially) decisions about placements are being dominated by the need to keep care costs to a minimum, rather than ensuring that care provision is of the highest quality .  In our experience very needy and often damaged young people are being put in totally inappropriate placements that inevitably break down bringing even more instability into very unstable lives. Some of our young people have often had over half a dozen care placements even before they come to us.

We hope that the enquiry highlights the needs and plights of young people in care or on the edge of care. It is absolutely vital that their support is appropriate and is for as long as they need it. We must avoid quick and cheaper fixes if we are to improve their outcomes and their life chances.

By David Marriott, chief exective of Together Trust.


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